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Harnessing Clean Energy with Stella

Stella Architect is used to better understand nuclear and other clean energies, high school students learn systems thinking from The Lorax, Systems in Focus looks at waste manangement, Story of the Month: Reissue examines school reform, isee systems heads to Brazil, Stella Architect is released, the company website gets an overdue update...


Keeping the Lights on in Africa

Stella models forecast energy consumption, availability and customer satisfaction, graduate students learn systems thinking to prepare for real world problems, a new short video series, a new creative series modeling unusual circumstances, product updates, new online training courses and isee systems heads to Brazil...


Engaging Science Students

Stella is used to teach high school biology, environmental science and anatomy and phsyiology, dynamic modeling improves transportation systems in Latin America, isee systems re-examines an old energy model and the basic dynamics of reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone, product updates, new special bundles and isee systems heads to Boston...


Modeling Agroforestry Systems

Examining ground interactions in agrofotestry improves the lives of farmers, Graduate courses model the effects of protecting estuarine ecosystems, isee systems re-examines the dynamics of the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict and looks at combating workplace burnout, new special bundles and isee systems heads to Costa Rica...


Tracking Groundwater Systems

iThink helps the town of Salinas create a strategy for improvement in the region, Stella aids in tracking groundwater supply and demand, isee systems starts a new series investigating common dynamic issues, a new online training series, a new XMILE webinar series and isee systems heads to Europe...

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