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isee systems has the pleasure of working with the following partners to provide its customers with consulting and training services. They can help you develop your own model, develop a model for you, or provide training on modeling or the use of isee systems’ software products. You can depend on our experienced partners to give you quality service.

Advance Management Group

Advance Management Group helps organizations surface and sustainably improve the behavior of complex systems and processes. Its group of interdisciplinary professionals assists leaders in operationalizing insights using system dynamics principles and tools like STELLA and iThink from isee systems in order to advance toward creating the future they want for their organizations, one step at a time..

Location: Rochester, Minnesota

Bruce Hannon & Associates

Bruce Hannon & Associates specializes in mediated and group model-building to help organizations find solutions to complex business issues and learn through the modeling process. Our work spans across fields and industries such as pharmaceutical, engineering, environmental and energy. Bruce Hannon is the author of many research papers and books for practitioners of the dynamic modeling process. His well-known series Modeling Dynamic Systems (Springer-Verlag NY, 1997-2008) offers examples of his work applying dynamic modeling to a wide range of disciplines including environmental, health, economic, and business management systems.

Location: Urbana, Illinois

CC Modeling Systems

CC Modeling Systems helps teachers at the secondary and undergraduate level (who work with students ages 15 to 22+) learn to create System Dynamics (SD) model-building lessons for use in their courses. With a three-sequence set of online courses in SD Modeling for math, science, and technology instructors, teachers from any location can learn to infuse system dynamics model-building lessons in their curriculum. The first course is intended for teachers with no background in System Dynamics modeling. By the end of the third course teachers could offer an introductory System Dynamics modeling course for their students. For more information about these courses, click here. For over 22 years the materials for both the courses mentioned above and for special teacher workshops were used with students ages 15 to 22+, successfully. We have extensive experience providing materials (see Lessons in Mathematics: A Dynamic Approach and Modeling Dynamic Systems: Lessons for a First Course) sold by isee systems, and classroom experience using these materials. Consulting services and workshops (in the northwestern US) are also available.

Location: Portland, OR


Lexidyne specializes in framing, quantifying, and answering specific business questions using the principles of Dynamic Modeling and systems analysis. Our customized models offer a unique way for our clients to integrate data and institutional knowledge, analyze marketplace dynamics, and quantify the expected impact of strategic decisions. Lexidyne works extensively in the the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in models of patient flow dynamics, physician adoption/prescribing behavior, and portfolio planning. Other areas of focus include supply chain dynamics as well as training in specific system dynamics simulation tools.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Peiman Amoukhteh

Peiman Amoukhteh helps clients improve their profitability by providing insight into issues facing them through simulation and modeling, data mining, dashboard development, and predictive analytics.

Location: Orange County, California

Pontifex Consulting

Pontifex Consulting and their partner organizations help clients build capacity to apply the power of systems thinking/system dynamics to address challenging, adaptive issues. We have over twenty years’ experience providing a broad spectrum of services to the public and private sectors. Pontifex Consulting delivers leadership coaching, strategic planning, system dynamics training, and a range of consulting approaches to a variety of clients, including: aerospace, environmental non-profits, public health foundations, manufacturing, retail suppliers, technology, and academic institutions. Pontifex Consulting’s online sims (on the isee exchange) are samples of the type of services and skills we provide to our clients.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Simulation Associates

Simulation Associates specializes in strategic thinking simulations that are used by organizations to provide a whole organization perspective, integrate information, build teamwork, and play out the effects of business environment changes. With a special focus on the health care industry, Simulation Associates has developed strategic simulations for hospitals and health systems, health insurance companies, multispecialty physician practices, and safety net provider organizations.

Location: Boyertown, Pennsylvania

Systems Innovation Practice

Systems Innovation Practice is a small group of professionals and academics who have extensive experience and training in system dynamics. We’ve teamed up with isee systems to offer clients an alternative to traditional consulting services. We strive to achieve big insights using small models and clear explanations. These insights are the building blocks for solutions to important problems in health care, energy, environment, public policy and business.

Location: Hanover, New Hampshire

Systems Thinking Collaborative

Systems Thinking Collaborative specializes in improving organizations’ abilities to manage their most complex issues. Whether your organization faces a difficult call to change, a strategic fork in the road, a difficult team dynamic, or a persistent operational problem, the Systems Thinking Collaborative can help your team understand the situation, to create enduring solutions for your success. Services include applied systems thinking workshops, facilitation and team development, remote coaching, collaborative dynamic modeling, and learning laboratory development.

Location: Stow, MA

Uncommon Catalyst

Uncommon Catalyst helps organizations address challenges around commercialization, operation and systemic change. We provide clarity and the confidence to act.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Waters Center for Systems Thinking

The Waters Center for Systems Thinking is an internationally recognized leader in system thinking capacity building. We are dedicated to providing the tools and methods that help people understand, track, and leverage the connections that affect their personal and professional goals. Professional development opportunities for individuals and organizations include workshops, learning collaboratives, webinars, online learning modules, and follow-up coaching and consulting.

Location: Pittsburg, PA

Whole Works Consulting

Whole Works Consulting Whole Works Consulting uses dynamic modeling and simulation to help clients see and experience how their business works as an interconnected system, enabling them to accelerate growth and create value.

Location: Manchester Center, Vermont


Buroos is a consultancy specialized in systems thinking and system dynamics modeling. Our modeling efforts are aimed at the final project goal however, we also focus on the learning process in complex matters for our clients. As a result, we facilitate our clients in solving their future issues independently.

Location: Goirle, The Netherlands provide industrial-strength Business Simulations used by leading organizations for highly engaging Leadership & Management Development. With a comprehensive portfolio of team-based Business Simulation games written in iThink and isee Netsim, the simulations use both intra-team collaboration and inter-team competition to produce significant, measurable improvements in the participants’ performance back at the workplace.

Location: Belfast, UK

Impact Dynamics Limited

Impact Dynamics Limited is a management consultancy specialising in Value Management and passionately committed to helping our clients optimize performance outcomes from change initiatives. We use system dynamics for strategy development and benefits management by modelling causal relationships between performance drivers in a Balanced Scorecard and dynamically linking these measures to programmes. Our work within organisations spans from continuous BAU operational improvement to complete business transformation. Impact Dynamics also offers action learning training in Systems Thinking and System Dynamics, using Stella Architect, designed to deliver financial returns and enable our clients to repeat success.

Location: London, UK


Nuclear-21 is an international operating expert firm focused specialised on nuclear science & technology decisioneering services to government, investors, utilities, industry, R&D-organisations and waste management agencies worldwide. We’re developing technology and business models using iseesystems’ system dynamics applications to simulate (nuclear) energy systems and other nuclear science and technology applications.

Location: Waasmunster, Belgium

Symmetric Scenarios

Symmetric Scenarios with input from Professor Eric Wolstenholme (a leading figure in System Dynamics over the past 35 years), have extensive experience and a proven track record across the UK in the successful use of System Dynamics mostly in the public sector, with a focus on health and social care, also spanning other human services and workforce planning. Clients range from government departments and national bodies to regional organisations, local authorities, the spectrum of organisations involved in ‘integrated care’, and third sector organisations. Symmetric offers a range of services including: system dynamics model development, model-informed impact analysis, training in the use of Stella, support and mentoring of modellers, microworld development.

Location: Edinburgh, UK
  • Douglas McKelvie
  • Phone: +44 (0) 7939 634039
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transentis helps companies transform their business by designing innovative business models and aligning their business processes and IT-systems. transentis core competencies are enterprise architecture and transformation management.

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany

The Whole Systems Partnership

The Whole Systems Partnership uses qualitative and quantitative system dynamic approaches to explore the impact of new policies and strategy implementation programmes. The work complements the broader work of the consultancy in partnership and strategy development. Training in Stella software is available and can be designed and delivered directly to clients in-house if required.

Location: North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

DESTA Research LLP

DESTA Research LLP is a research and consulting firm that uses systems thinking, system dynamics and group model building to work with people and agencies working on complex social, environmental and economic problems. DESTA's objectives are, 1) To provide systemic insights on complex problems, 2) To co-develop insight-building tools for effective decision making, 3) To further the development of the field of systems thinking and system dynamics modeling, and 4)To build a collaborative network for developing systemic responses to sustainability challenges. Their current expertise is in climate change adaptation and mitigation, participatory modeling of complex social problems, land management, resource based livelihoods, ecological economics, energy modeling and urban dynamics.

Location: New Delhi, India

Dynamic Operations

Dynamic Operations helps people build models. Constructing and exercising models helps to develop a deep understanding of problems of a complex/systemic/dynamic nature encountered in everyday life and business. This understanding is much easier to communicate using well designed and concise models. Our staff is among the most passionate and experienced users of iThink and Stella in the Asia Pacific region. Our services cover the complete range from sales and technical support to high end consulting. We are keen to facilitate the uptake of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in schools, universities and business.

Location: NSW, Australia

Enzyme Group

Enzyme Group helps organisations to rapidly discover, innovate and deliver improvements. Through partnerships with leading Universities, simple and effective research, tools, techniques and methodologies are deployed that not only deliver significant increases in value but also enable relevant, experiential sustainable learning.

Location: Sydney and Melbourne Australia

Sergio Krupatini

Sergio specializes in Systems Thinking, simulation, complexity and strategy. He develops customized Management Flight Simulators for all types of businesses in Latin America and Spain. These tools are used to aid decision making and in training workshops. He provides training workshops on various subjects, including complexity and strategy, Systems Thinking as a tool for decision making, modelling and simulation, and balanced scorecards.

Location: Argentina

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