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isee systems has the pleasure of working with the following resellers to accommodate customers' various currencies and internal policies to ensure ease of purchase. All our desktop products and supporting materials are available through these resellers and we are happy to assist our resellers with any questions you may have.

Catalyst Technology Group USA

Catalyst Technology Group USA is a service-disabled veteran-owned information technology company that provides IT equipment, services, and staffing to a broad spectrum of industries, educational institutions, and local, state and federal government agencies.

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee


JourneyEd has been advancing education through software and technology to assist students, professionals and schools for over 23 years. We are committed exclusively to academic customers, offering thousands of top hardware and full-version software titles at great discounts.

Location: Austin, Texas

Software House International

Software House International, SHI, is a global procurement outsourcing company and leading business-to-business solution provider. SHI can fulfill orders for over 100,000 hardware and software products and has offices across the US and Canada.

Location: Somerset, New Jersey
  • SHI
  • 2 Riverview Drive
  • Somerset, NJ 08873
  • Phone: 1-888-764-8888
  • Website:

Inova Ltd.

Inova Ltd. provides expert training and software solutions for statistics and business process management/analysis. Inova has an extensive IT background and is also capable of providing customized software solutions for its customers. Visit their website or request your free catalog.

Location: Çankaya – Ankara, TURKEY

The Whole Systems Partnership

The Whole Systems Partnership uses qualitative and quantitative system dynamic approaches to explore the impact of new policies and strategy implementation programmes. The work complements the broader work of the consultancy in partnership and strategy development. Training in Stella software is available and can be designed and delivered directly to clients in-house if required.

Location: North Yorkshire, United Kingdom


JUCA, Inc. offers research and educational software products for both academic and corporate institutions in Japan and beyond through two commerce sites, (with US Dollars) and (with Japanese Yen).

Location: USA and Japan

Beijing Tianyan Rongzhi Software Co

Beijing Tianyan Rongzhi Software Co., Ltd is a scientific software distributor providing software in the fields of Statistics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, and Physics.

Location: Beijing, China

Shanghai Cabit Information Technology Co

Shanghai Cabit Information Technology Co., Ltd is a professional software distributor in China. We provide a total solution to clients working in Management Science, Operational Research, Statistics and Mathematics.

Location: Shanghai, China

Cheer Chain Enterprise

Cheer Chain Enterprise (CCE) is a leading technology company providing a range of software applications. CCE also offers software consulting and training services.

Location: Taichung City, Taiwan

Integrated Decision Systems Consultancy

Integrated Decision Systems Consultancy Pte Ltd (IDSC) specializes in operations research/management science, using optimisation, simulation, and statistical analysis to help decision makers structure and solve problems, gain insight into complex ones fraught with uncertainty, or facilitate the decision making process for better individual or group outcome.

Location: Singapore


Linksoft Inc. distributes and resells a wide variety of software applications. Our clients include research institutes, universities, financial organizations, manufacturing and computer businesses.

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Systems Thinking Korea

Systems Thinking Korea provides software, consulting and educational material for systems thinking with special emphasis on K-12 education. With decades of experience working on system dynamics and systems thinking problems in business, government and education they are devoted to making the materials necessary to learn and use systems thinking accessible to the Korean market.

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Varsity Wave Corporation

Varsity Wave Corporation offers excellent research and educational software for both academic and corporate institutions to support and promote their research and educational activities.

Location: Japan

Dynamic Operations

Dynamic Operations helps people build models. Constructing and exercising models helps to develop a deep understanding of problems of a complex/systemic/dynamic nature encountered in everyday life and business. This understanding is much easier to communicate using well designed and concise models. Our staff is among the most passionate and experienced users of iThink and STELLA in the Asia Pacific region. Our services cover the complete range from sales and technical support to high end consulting. We are keen to facilitate the uptake of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in schools, universities and business.

Location: NSW, Australia

Enzyme Group

Enzyme Group helps organisations to rapidly discover, innovate and deliver improvements. Through partnerships with leading Universities, simple and effective research, tools, techniques and methodologies are deployed that not only deliver significant increases in value but also enable relevant, experiential sustainable learning.

Location: Sydney and Melbourne Australia

Arghos Informática

Arghos Informática is a company specializing in maintenance, deployment and delivery of computer products and software.

Location: Porto Alegre, Brasil


Futurekids distributes educational software and develops curriculum for K-12 schools.

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

MultiON Consulting

MultiON Consulting is a 100% Mexican company, founded in 1989, and a leading provider of scientific and technical software for education, research, industry and government.

Location: México and Latin America

Scientec Software Cientifico y Tecnico

Scientec is dedicated to the distribution of scientific and technical software. Founded in 1999, the company specializes in providing solutions to education, government and industry. Scientec helps you with your CONACyT project.

Location: Mexico City

Sistemas Phoenix

Sistemas Phoenix, S. de R. L. is a reseller that is focused in the academic market and specialized Corporate and Government software.

Location: Colinas del Sur, Mexico


SOFTWARE shop has been in the software distribution business for 27 years with experience in the academic, government and corporate markets. Our vision is to be the leading company in the Latin-American market, supplier of specialized, technical and scientific software solutions, through our broad product portfolio and accompanying comprehensive support services. They sell primarily to academic, financial and government institutions.

Location: Latin America
  • Argentina: +54(11) 5077-9516
  • Brasil: +55(21) 395 71215
  • Chile: +56(2) 656 2790
  • Colombia: +57(1) 619-4000
  • México: +52(555) 351-1755
  • Peru: +51(1) 706-8197
  • Venezuela: +58(212) 335-0588
  • Other Places: +1(425) 996-0636
  • Website:

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