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isee systems is dedicated to increasing understanding of our world through modeling and simulation software

Our Story

isee systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling software. Founded in 1985 by renowned Systems Thinking practitioner Barry Richmond, isee systems has grown to be a thriving company with substantial global reach in a variety of markets. We continually strive to bring the best Dynamic Modeling software to our customers by developing new functionality, implementing customer requests, and consistently pushing the envelope on our technology.

In 1989, Barry Richmond (and isee systems) was awarded the Jay Wright Forrester Award by the System Dynamics Society for being the first to introduce an icon-based model building and simulation tool, STELLA. STELLA brought computer simulation-based model building to the mass market. In 1990, isee systems introduced iThink for business simulation. isee systems also created the first Management Flight Simulator in 1991, pioneered the introduction of the first Learning Environment in 1995, and delivered the first conversational systems thinking workshop in 1999. In 1999, isee systems also introduced isee NetSim, the first system to deliver management flight simulators on the web. isee NetSim was expanded to multiplayer in 2002 and completely redesigned to generate WYSISWYG web applications from STELLA and iThink interfaces in 2007. 2007 is also the year isee systems committed to the draft XMILE standard for model interchange, releasing the first XMILE-compatible product in 2012.

In 2015 and 2016, we unveiled the next generations of our Dynamic Modeling and interface building applications, Stella Professional and Stella Architect. This innovative new software includes the real time analytics of Stella Live™, the model analysis and debugging capabilities of Causal Lens™, and the ability to publish models that can be shared with anyone, anywhere, anytime. We also released Stella Online™ to build and share models on the go. The release of the revolutionary Loops That Matter™ in 2020 saw the realization of a long-held dream of Barry Richmond's: to animate changes in feedback loop dominance on a stock and flow diagram or Causal Loop Diagram.

What We Do

We bring Systems Thinking to the world with our innovative solutions and services. isee systems’ Dynamic Modeling software is a powerful tool that allows the user to create system diagrams that can be simulated over time. By creating these diagrams, you are better able to understand the behavior of that system and identify areas for improvement. The ability to simulate over time allows the user to easily test several hypotheses to avoid unintended consequences and costly trial and error. With an intuitive user interface and effective analytics our software allows you to quickly advance your modeling skills. To ensure customers get the most out of our software, we offer a wide range of services such as online courses from beginner to advanced, in-person workshops, one-on-one modeling support, as well as many free webinars and tutorials. We also have a consulting branch that will work directly with your team to deliver a clear, effective model for your project.

Why We Do it

Barry Richmond believed that as a population, our methods of thinking and communicating were outdated, making it difficult to solve the major issues of the world. A solution for this is to change the way we think, communicate, and teach. This new dynamic way of thinking, called Systems Thinking, enables people to build a better understanding of the world around them, so that they make better decisions. isee systems is dedicated to continuing this effort to change the way we think by bringing Systems Thinking to the world! We want people to challenge the world around them and break out of a static way of thinking. We strive to create intuitive, easy-to-use dynamic modeling software that makes Systems Thinking accessible to everyone, from beginner to expert. As people continue to use Systems Thinking every day, they will be better able to understand dynamic relationships within a system, think through a problem, and communicate their ideas and solutions more proficiently.

Making a Difference

In our continued efforts to bring Systems Thinking to the world, we are dedicated to bringing more education on systems thinking and dynamic modeling to the public. We believe that introducing the concepts of systems thinking at a young age is key to a solid foundation that enables future generations to become more equipped to solve the major problems facing the world. To facilitate this continued effort, we dramatically discount the software for both K-12 schools and universities, enabling teachers and professors to work systems thinking into their curricula.

One of our continuing goals is to create a systems thinking community, where practitioners can share their models and learn from other practitioners. We host the isee Exchange where modelers can post their models for others to view or download. We hope this community will improve the modeling experience (and understanding of systems) for all people.

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