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Premium modeling and interactive simulations

Create engaging model-based apps

iThink is the definitive modeling tool to create professional simulations and presentations. Seamlessly design, build, and publish models to share with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Why iThink
Why iThink
Why Stella Professional

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iThink enables the creation of beautiful, dynamic, and compelling apps based on simulation models. These apps can be strategic training grounds or important educational tools.


Whether in presentation mode or published to the web, users interact with your simulation to test different scenarios. Using Stella Live’s lightning quick updating, the system’s behavior and the policy implications readily manifest themselves.


Storytelling, combined with the Causal Lens, shares your deep understanding of the system and its implications with a wider audience, in an easy-to-follow manner.

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Key Features

Multiple paradigms

Integrate System Dynamics, Discrete Event, and some Agent-based modeling in the same model

Presentation slides

Quickly develop rich presentations for learning and exploring


Performance is unchanged whether there are 10 or 100 simultaneous users


Clearly communicate the underlying principles of your system

Stella Live

Dynamically explore policy implications with instant updating

Causal Lens

Quickly trace the causes of a variable’s behavior

Explore Results

Easily analyze the results of each individual variable

Identify Errors

Quickly find errors in equations and units

Cycle Time

Precisely compute time of processes and activities

Data Manager

Quickly compare data across several runs, archive and recall settings and results


Discover key leverage points and find optimal conditions


Many mathematical, statistical and logical operations






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