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isee systems empowers you to find solutions to complex problems with our innovative dynamic software.

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Our Unique Features

Loops That Matter

Introduced in 2020, Loops That Matter brings clarity to your simulation data. It lights up the most important feedback loops, giving you a simple visual guide to the forces behind the behavior. This immediate understanding of model behavior allows you to focus on the correct variables to create a robust analysis of the results.

Loops That Matter


Assemblies, our most recent innovation, are self-contained models that streamline the modeling process by serving as building blocks for other models. You can move from a blank page to a simulating model in a matter of minutes. Assemblies are now also available in a special section of the isee Exchange where users can share their custom assemblies and download others to their software.

Assemblies example #1
Assemblies example #2


Designs enable you to create sophisticated interfaces with consistent aesthetics and color palettes. With a selection of styles that are fully customizable, you can go from blank page to professional presentation in no time. You can even use them to create interfaces for your Vensim® models.

Assemblies example #4


Storytelling gently introduces the model structure behind the interface by unfurling parts of the model. Annotations explain what structure means and partial simulation reveals the structure's implications for the model's behavior. Try a live demo here.


isee Exchange and Sharing

The isee Exchange is a repository of content created by Stella users around the world. You can easily publish simulations or upload models and share them with others at no cost. Users can view and run these simulations from any modern browser. Paid private hosting options include additional features such as data collection or running large models with an added engine on our servers. The Exchange can be found at

Our Newest Features

Mapping Numbers to Text

Allows you to assign text labels to specific numbers. For example, 0,1,2 could become Low, Medium, High.

Display Labels for Array Element Names

Allows you to choose display labels for array elements that are different from the element names used in equations.

Variable Tags

Assign tags to variables that aid in documentation, finding and selection, exporting, and CLD generation. For example, select all model parameters.

Expanded Find

The Find can limit results to constants, non-constants, module outputs, or unused variables. Find results can also be restricted to variables with a specific tag.

More About Our Products

Take Systems Thinking to the next level using Stella software. Evolve the way you think about problems in your business, community, school, or government agency. From simple to complex, Stella helps you build and simulate models that capture the complexities of feedback and gives you decision support for your prospective policy or process changes through what-if scenarios. Stella allows you to identify and easily share key leverage points with others, resulting in everyone working towards the best outcome. Learn more about our Stella products to see how they can benefit you.

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"Stella’s graphical interface makes it easy for anyone to understand Systems Thinking and build models. Instead of worrying about calculus equations, users focus on the stocks and flows in a system, how they interact, and what those interactions yield. And, as research publications and other audiences increasingly require researchers and presenters to show their work, the isee Exchange has made it easier to post and share models."
    —Andrew S. Mount

"Stella helps with metric definition. First, it allows you to make changes as you learn about the system you’re modeling. Second, Stella has a much faster run time than other modeling and simulation programs so you can learn and make changes in less time. With a fast model, you can devote more time and energy to defining metrics."
    —Steve Leitman

"Stella Architect allows us to share our modeling work...around the world. All they need is web access...They don’t need any training to review and run a Stella Architect model. And we don’t have to worry that someone will change or break the models we share."
    —David Rozek

Our Newsletter

Our newsletter, The Connector, keeps you up to date on our latest news, including exciting Stella projects, our latest resources and software releases, our upcoming travels, and more. Read our latest issue here, and find a full index of issues here.

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