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Featuring Designs

Designs are a revolutionary way to create sophisticated interfaces with consistent aesthetics and color palettes. They provide a multitude of styles that you can incorporate in your interface and customize however you want. They can even be used to add interfaces to your Vensim models (which you can then publish to the isee Exchange™ for easy sharing).

See below for screenshots of Designs in action.

Designs example #1
Designs example #2
Designs example #3
Designs example #4

Other New Stella® Features

Run Name Control

You can now set run names in the interface using the Button. It is also possible to change the prefix for run names in the Model Settings Properties Panel. Using this, instead of runs being named Run1, Run2, and so on, you could (for example) have them named Test1, Test2, etc.

Simplified Equation Error Fixing

Equations that are either missing inputs, or have extra inputs, can now be fixed by clicking on the error message in the Equation Tab. The associated connectors will be automatically added to, or removed from, the diagram.

More Export from Interface Options

The Export Parameter Values button now allows you to specify which parameters to export, in addition to those that have been changed. This allows the creation of more complete import data sets. There is also an option to export only a single value. There is also a new action to export the variables in a Table, making it easier to export multiple runs at once.

Setting Arrays on Flows

It is now possible to array an inflow to a non-arrayed stock. This can be convenient when setting attributes for different array elements flowing into conveyors and queues. Outflows continue to inherit the array settings of the upstream stock unless they are connected to a downstream stock that is arrayed differently.

"Stella Architect, in my opinion, is the quickest way to develop powerful models with great interfaces and share them online. The barrier to learning and executing is much much lower than anything you’ll probably find elsewhere."
    —Chris Soderquist

"We were able to collaborate in real time. And because we were drawing models and depicting stocks and flows rather than trading long paragraphs, we could actually see what the other person was thinking."
    —Peter Victor

"Building models is more intuitive and faster with Stella. You don’t have to develop complex formulas and then comb through code to find your mistakes. And, by making it easy to create intuitive interfaces, system dynamics novices can experiment with ideas and ask ‘What if?’ That’s what models are for. All of this is about learning together."
    —Saras Chung

"In other classes, I am often asked to posit logical solutions to problems or am given the solutions reached by other people. Using models of complex systems, I can test out my own theories and confirm those of others instead of faithfully accepting them as fact. Where other classes ask me to memorize, this one dares me to explore."
    —a 17-year-old student

More About Our Products

Take Systems Thinking to the next level using Stella software. Evolve the way you think about problems in your business, community, school, or government agency. From simple to complex, Stella helps you build and simulate models that capture the complexities of feedback and gives you decision support for your prospective policy or process changes through what-if scenarios. Stella allows you to identify and easily share key leverage points with others, resulting in everyone working towards the best outcome. Learn more about our Stella products to see how they can benefit you.

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Excerpts from Our Newsletter

Bent Erik Bakken thinks big. “[While] at DNV, our research team had the audacity to develop models that see the world as an interconnected system defined by the links within,” says Bakken. Now the head of his own company, Sustainability Dynamics, Bakken continues to service two other global-scale models. The Energy Transition Outlook (ETO) model forecasts the differential speed of the transtion from fossil fuels to renewable energy in ten global regions. The Ocean-Space Forecast models every aspect of the value of oceans, including shipping, tourism, fisheries, and energy extraction. While Bakken recognizes that architecting global models is “not an exercise for the meek,” he makes it sound almost easy. To tame complexity, Bakken coaches the DNV team to apply the Three S’s. “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.” “I caution my team that we don’t end up with a model that we do not understand. Speaking to some US colleagues that lack a system dynamics background, they described their own model as a Beast. That is something we must avoid.”
Read more

“The Covid-19 pandemic has been a watershed moment for systems modelling in mental health,” says Jo-An Occhipinti. “Where there had been pushback from mental health epidemiologists who are more comfortable with traditional statistical methods, there is now a new level of systems modelling literacy. Models can drive a complex change process. They allow people with different agendas to learn together, which is an effective way of catalyzing coordinated action to improve community mental health outcomes.”... “We use Stella® Architect to build models that not only capture the dynamics of the mental health system and its ability to respond to increases in demand, as seen during the pandemic, but also to understand how policies and initiatives to improve education and training and reduce unemployment, homelessness, and other social issues can impact mental health outcomes.”
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Work in Stella Presented at the Conference

"A dynamic model for salinity and sodicity management on agricultural lands: interactive simulation approach", by Mehmet Can Tunca

"Carbon cycle", by Sena Yıldız Değirmenci

"District Heating Adoption Model", by Hyunkyo Yu

"The Effect of Intergenerational Trauma on Mental Health", by Anika Krishna

"Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 on Coastal and Marine Tourism to Inform Recovery Strategies in Nelson Mandela Bay", by Estee Miltz


"Greenhouse effect", by Sena Yıldız Değirmenci

"Modelling the dynamics of suicide prevention – the role, reach and impact of a mental health system response", by Danielle Currie, Eileen Goldberg, Cindy Peng

"Modelling the Multilateral Lending Ecosystem to generate and implement Sustainable Development as a Global objective, goal and impact", by Nhlanhla Ndebele

"Population, economy, and emissions", by Sena Yıldız Değirmenci

"Resiliency and multiple shocks: reflections of population wellbeing from COVID-19", by Ke (Koko) Zhou

"Tobacco Policy Simulator (WIP)", by Arielle Selya

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