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Featuring Assemblies

Assemblies are self-contained models that streamline the modeling process by serving as building blocks for other models. This is analogous to using prefabricated wall and roof pieces to construct a house – you get to the finished product sooner, with more carefully constructed components. Our brand-new 3.4 release introduced the Assembly Exchange, a special section of the isee Exchange™ where users can share their custom assemblies and download others’ assemblies to their software.

"[You] never know what the correct answer is, so it's like having a teacher there to help you."
    —Pete Best

"[It's a] really useful way of getting people started - less scary than starting from scratch."
    —Alex Gray

Assemblies example #1
Assemblies example #2
Assemblies example #3
Assemblies example #4
Assemblies example #3
Assemblies example #4

Other New Stella® Features

Sliced Graphs

Sliced graphs allow you to overlay value from different time periods (most commonly years) for a single variable to see how one period compares with another.

Array Display Operators (SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX)

When you select an arrayed variable for use in a table, graph, or other output object you can ask to display the sum, min, max or mean across a slice of the array in addition to specific array elements. It is also possible to set up array definitions so that the sum, min, max, and mean can be selected when using a Selector or looking at values in the Results Panel.

Simplified Calibration Payoff Setup

The Payoff Specs panel has been updated to make setting up calibration payoff much simpler.

Non Apply-to-all Graphical Editor

When working with graphicals that are not apply-to-all there is now an option to open the Arrayed Graphical editing dialog. This allows you to select multiple elements of the array and edit the graphicals for them together.

"Stella Architect, in my opinion, is the quickest way to develop powerful models with great interfaces and share them online. The barrier to learning and executing is much much lower than anything you’ll probably find elsewhere."
    —Chris Soderquist

"We were able to collaborate in real time. And because we were drawing models and depicting stocks and flows rather than trading long paragraphs, we could actually see what the other person was thinking."
    —Peter Victor

More About Our Products

Take Systems Thinking to the next level using Stella software. Evolve the way you think about problems in your business, community, school, or government agency. From simple to complex, Stella helps you build and simulate models that capture the complexities of feedback and gives you decision support for your prospective policy or process changes through what-if scenarios. Stella allows you to identify and easily share key leverage points with others, resulting in everyone working towards the best outcome. Learn more about our Stella products to see how they can benefit you.

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Excerpts from Our Newsletter

Anything that gets in the way of the PhD timeline causes stress. One of the most typical research-derailers is divergence, the distraction of a student away from their research focus. Raafat M. Zaini and Saeed P. Langarudi both experienced divergence as PhD students in Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) System Dynamics program. Zaini used Stella® to map out a model of his PhD journey. It includes three stocks: research ideas, collegial feedback, and knowledge, and demonstrates the sensitive dynamic relationships between them. New ideas, feedback, and knowledge can all cause the student to question, or diverge from, their initial intended focus. Together, Zaini and Langarudi continued to use Stella to build, refine, and validate a model of the PhD experience and to help users understand the causes of, and remedies for, divergence.
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Retired from teaching, Andrew Mount is now using Stella to develop an environmentally safe marine coating. From 2005 to 2018, he studied the cellular biology of barnacle biofouling. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) which funded his research, was looking for an alternative to the toxic copper paints that are currently used to keep vessel hulls free of barnacles. Now, Mount is translating that lab’s biofouling deterrence research into marketable anti-fouling technology. The modeled rate of copper release into the ocean is extremely precise, making it easy to predict toxicity effects for over 78 known marine species. Mount is finishing his manuscript and preparing to upload his model to the isee Exchange. “The model will help the scientific and engineering communities communicate,” says Mount. “Accessible to anyone, even someone with no Stella experience, it will help potential investors through their due diligence process, provide a rationale for the resistant paint market to adopt a better solution, enable regulators and policy makers to craft better legislation and guidelines, and give consumers the information they need.”
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