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Education FAQs

Who is eligible for academic licenses?

Students enrolled in a course using the software or working on an independent study with a professor are eligible for student licenses.

Faculty members using the software for their courses and PhD students are eligible for the Faculty/PhD license.

How do I confirm my eligibility?

Faculty confirmation can be a link to the university website showing the user is an instructor teaching the course.

PhD confirmation can be a link to the university website showing you are an active PhD student, or recently dated documentation from the school stating you are an active PhD student.

Student confirmation can be an email from your professor stating you are in their course or working with them on a project.

We do not accept university IDs or university email addresses as confirmation.

What is the best student license for me?

Your professor may require a specific license for the course. Check with them first. If not, determine which features you need and how long you’ll need the license for your course. Stella Professional is the more basic version and only includes modeling functionality. Stella Architect includes all the modeling functionality and the ability to create and publish model interfaces. Perpetual student licenses will not expire, while semester student licenses are active for six months only. Neither license includes software updates or support.

I am teaching a course. What are the options for my students?

If you intend to teach the course annually, we recommend the Lab or Student packs.

Lab packs are university-owned student licenses installed only on university-owned computers or the university network. Student packs are university-owned student licenses that the professor can assign to students for use on their personal computers for a chosen length of time. Licenses are then returned to the professor’s account to be assigned to new students. Both Lab and Student pack licenses include the first year of maintenance and support that can then be renewed annually.

Students can also purchase individual student licenses. Professors can send in class lists to create student accounts for their students, who can then purchase perpetual or semester student licenses.

Can academic licenses be used for research?

We subsidize educational licenses to allow faculty to easily incorporate dynamic modeling into their curriculum and to encourage new users to learn and utilize dynamic modeling in their studies. With the goal being to educate new users, the academic licenses are not available for research or commercial purposes.

Why can’t I see the student licenses in the store?

Academic licenses are only visible to users signed into confirmed academic accounts. If you do not see student licenses, be sure you are signed into your confirmed student account. If you do not have a confirmed student account, you can forward confirmation information to

How do I give my students access to the software?

For Student packs, forward a class list with their names, email addresses, and your chosen expiration date for each student to

To have student accounts created for your class, forward a class list to This list must be identified by the course name and number and include the names and email addresses of the enrolled students.

I have a perpetual student license. Can I use it after I graduate?

Student licenses are only licensed for educational purposes. You can continue to use the software if you are continuing with your education. If you transition to a faculty or commercial position, you will need to convert your license to the correct license type.

Where do I find my registration number?

Your registration number is located on the My Products page of your isee account (available after you log into

My professor assigned a license to me. Where do I find it?

The license will be located on the My Products page of your isee account. If you do not see the license, be sure you are logged into the account your professor assigned the license to. The correct account is under the email address that received the download instructions.

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