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Business Bundle

Business Bundle

The Business Bundle provides a complete set of resources for business practitioners and students to develop their Systems Thinking and dynamic modeling skills. Using these tools, you’ll learn how Systems Thinking can add value to strategic initiatives and performance improvement efforts.

Included in this Bundle:

The Business Bundle inculdes Stella Architect with one year of support and maintainance, An Introduction to Systems Thinking by Barry Richmond and Strategic Modelling and Business Dynamics by John Morecroft.

An Introduction to Systems Thinking by Barry Richmond sets the stage by describing the language of Systems Thinking and applying it to the dynamic modeling process. You’ll be introduced to classic “stock and flow” infrastructures common to many organizational issues.

Strategic Modelling and Business Dynamics by John Morecroft builds on the basic foundation and provides real-world examples of Systems Thinking applications ranging from competitive dynamics and market growth to manufacturing cycles and hospital performance. Included with the book is a download link to a full of models and management flight simulators that allow you to reproduce the dynamics described in the text and conduct your own policy experiments. Using these interactive learning environments, you'll develop an understanding of complex dynamic systems that is not possible with words alone.

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